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Steps to Body Your Own Android Application

If you are account this tutorial, it agency you are apparently new to the Android app development services. Don’t worry, we will bisect this tutorial into altered locations to accomplish it simple for you. The adviser offers simple and advantageous advice apropos android app development for beginners. Let’s get started by afterward these steps:

Before you start, there are three important things that you should know, such as:

Android OS is created appliance Java, so ability about Java is consistently a account if you wish to advance an app for Android.

Then, you will charge to get Android SDK, which is Android’s basal app autograph affairs like Android Studio or Eclipse, the Java Software Development Kit (JDK). The congenital appearance of Android SDK accommodate the abject bare to body some abundant adaptable applications and accouterment a abundant befalling for developers and entrepreneurs.

Now, you are all set to start!

Step 1: Alpha with Android Studio

The a lot of accepted IDE for Android development is Android Studio, which comes anon from Google itself. The amazing affair about Android Studio is that it is advised accurately for Android app development services.

Step 2: Accession of Java Development Kit (JDK)

After the accession of Android Studio, it’s time for some added absolute action! You aswell charge to install Java on your apparatus to use Android Studio. The JDK is able to adapt and abridge your cipher for the appliance development.

Step 3: Alpha Your Project

Choose ‘Start a new Android Studio Project’ option. Enter the name you wish for your appliance and your ‘company domain’. All these elements will be acclimated to actualize your amalgamation name in a architecture like:


This APK (‘Android Amalgamation File’) that you’ll in the end upload to the Google Play Store.

Step 4: Baddest Activity

Moreover, you’ll be accustomed the advantage to aces the way you wish the app to attending at the beginning. This will be the attending of your capital ‘Activity Module’ which is basically the capital page of your app. There are assorted fields accessible which you accept to accept according to your app needs, such as templates, title, admission to Google maps, full-screen activity, bare action etc. As per my view, it’s bigger to go for ‘Basic Activity’ to accumulate things as simple as accessible and for all intents and purposes.

Step 5: Selecting the Layout

Now, you accept to accept a blueprint name for the alleged activity. This will ascertain that area elements like images and airheaded go and what fonts you’ll use. Accept a name for the card and appellation as well. Aces something adorable for the title, as your users will be able to see this at some points.

Step 6: Edit the Acceptable Message

Go to the activity_main.xml tab if it is not open. Bang and annoyance the “Hello, world!” from the high larboard bend of the buzz affectation to the centermost of the screen. Again go to the ethics folder, and double-click the strings.xml file. In this file, acquisition the band “Hello world!” and add “Welcome to my App!”

Step 7: Adding Button to your Activity

In the Palette card to the larboard of display, acquisition Button. Bang and annoyance Button to be positioned below acceptable message. Afterward, go to backdrop and acquisition the acreage for text. Change the argument from “New Button” to “Next Page”.

Now go aback to your content_main.xml and bang on the button. In the appropriate corner, area you accept your ambit for the button, you will bolt an advantage alleged ‘onClick’. Bang on this and again baddest the ‘onClick’. By accomplishing this, you accept told Android Studio that you wish to accessory the area of cipher with the button created.

Step 8: Test your App

Finally, all that’s missing to do is run the app you just made. Simple go to ‘run’ forth the top and again baddest ‘run app’ from the drop-down menu. Follow the accomplish to barrage the adversary active your app.

I achievement the aloft advice will absolutely advice in android app development for beginners. Besides, there are abundant means to advance Android apps. With a lot of advice and casework at your disposal, you accept the befalling to accomplish your “dream app” a realism!


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